Recruiter registration

Registration for for EJME 2023/24 is a sign of support for a coordination of EJME:

  1. Interviews should be held virtually from Monday, December 11 to Thursday, December 14 through recognized and easy-to-use video-conferencing platforms.
  2. Recruiters are encouraged to hold flyouts (in person or virtually) in January, February and March.
  3. All recruiters are encouraged to avoid making offers with a deadline earlier than February 1, 2024.
By registering their support, recruiters can also upload key information about their departments, including links to their job postings (please note that we cannot accept to upload the posts only redirects) here 

You are encouraged to register your support by October 31, 2023. This will ensure that you have the time to update your profile on the EJME CD and ensure candidates have enough time to view who is recruiting on the EJME at the time when they are making their job applications.

Once you submit this registration form, you will be contacted by  and given a link to be used to access your Recruiter profile on the EJME CD. Once this is filled in, your profile becomes public on the platform.