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All candidates have to be a member of the EEA to take part in all EJMEs. Registration to the EJMEs allows candidates to opt in to membership of the RES and SEA (therefore by registering your information on the EJME Candidate Directory, you automatically consent to being contacted by RES and SEA with a link to their membership form). 

For EJME Virtual 2022/23, registration will entitle candidates access to the EJME Candidate Directory and all workshops that will take place for candidates. To register, one has to be an active member of the EEA. The EJME Candidate Directory can be accessed here. You will be asked to verify your EEA membership during registration for the Candidate Directory so if you are not yet an EEA member, please follow the link to EEA membership registration below.

The EEA, RES and SEA only organize the logistics of the EJME. Registration does not guarantee an interview with a recruiter. 

To find out more about the application process for job positions, please scroll down.

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Applying for Jobs

Please note that the institutions interviewing do NOT post their jobs on the EJME website, EJME Candidate Directory, EEA, RES or SEA websites.

There are a number of platforms where recruiters can list their postings, and where candidates can search them. One of the most consolidated of these, developed by academic economists for the job market for economists is handles the search listings, the transmission of applications and letters of recommendation, and interview scheduling for the EJME. To access these postings, please sign up for free at

Please follow carefully the information and instructions for the job application on each job posting. Each institution will have its own distinct deadline for application and requests for information. Moreover, each institution will choose when to make their job announcement. The EEA, RES and SEA encourage institutions to post on so do check this site regularly (and other sites where job postings are uploaded).

The EEA, RES and SEA are NOT involved in setting any job application deadline and do NOT offer information or advice on the job posting of any institution. Moreover, the EEA, RES and SEA have NO involvement in the scheduling of any interviews during the EJME. The role of the The EEA, RES and SEA is limited to the organization of the scientific and social events that take place during the EJME.

Neither the EEA, nor the RES, nor the SEA, co-organisers of the European Job Market (EJME), are responsible for the content of the advertisements posted in or on any other search listing.


Useful material

To view a list of resources for candidates, and materials on past EJMEs, please visit here